Forthcoming events and activities to be held by UGC or UGC-funded institutions

    To: Secretary, Hong Kong Teaching Excellence Alliance ExCom

    Submission of events and activities to be posted on the HKTEA website
    (Please submit this form at least two weeks prior to the date of activity. For any enquiries, please send an email to

    To share and promote good teaching practices
    To nurture academics with the capability and commitment needed to enhance teaching (e.g. providing opportunities for the exchange of innovative ideas and collaboration across disciplines and institutions)
    To foster a culture of recognising good teaching

    (1) Only events aligned with the vision, mission and strategic development of HKTEA and submitted through the teaching development centre of a UGC-funded institution will be posted
    on the website.
    (2) In its meeting on 16 September 2019, the Preparatory/Executive Committee of the HKTEA delegated to the Chair the authority to approve events/activities submitted by institutions for
    posting on the website.
    (3) The Chair’s decision will be final.