Preparing Teaching Philosophy and Teaching Portfolio for 2023 Application

Preparing Teaching Philosophy and Teaching Portfolio for 2023 Application

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About the session

Nominations for the 2023 UGC Teaching Awards are open. We take great pleasure to inform you that the Hong Kong Teaching Excellence Alliance (HKTEA) will hold an online professional development session “Preparing Teaching Philosophy and Teaching Portfolio” to facilitate teachers to prepare for the submission.

Two awardees of the UGC Teaching Awards, Professor Daniel SHEK, Associate Vice President (Undergraduate Programme), Chair Professor of Applied Social Sciences, and Li and Fung Endowed Professor in Service Leadership Education at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Dr Suzanne SO, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, have kindly agreed to give a sharing with us about their experiences in preparing the teaching philosophy, teaching portfolio and the nomination package for the UGC Teaching Awards. Professor SHEK and Dr SO will also share their experiences of serving as a member of the UGC Teaching Award Selection Panel and exchange their insights with the audience on how to better conduct a self-reflection on teaching. UGC representatives will also join the event to provide information about the 2023 UGC Teaching Awards.


Symphony on the Promotion of Holistic Development in University Students

Professor Daniel SHEK 

Recipient of 2018 UGC Teaching Award (General Faculty Members/Teams)

Associate Vice President (Undergraduate Programme)

Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Chair Professor of Applied Social Sciences

Li and Fung Endowed Professor in Service Leadership Education

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


To promote holistic development in university students, we have developed four subjects on leadership and Service-Learning. In this presentation, I will use the 5W1H framework to illustrate the teaching philosophy underlying these subjects and the teaching portfolio. Adopting a positive youth development approach and based on my previous research, we have developed two subjects on leadership and two subjects on Service-Learning. In these subjects, we highlight the importance of experiential learning and student reflection. To examine the impact of the subjects on different stakeholders, we have conducted studies based on different evaluation strategies and disseminated the findings based on the spirit of scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL).

Preparing Teaching Philosophy and Teaching Portfolio

Dr Suzanne SO

Recipient of 2017 UGC Teaching Award (Early Career Faculty Members)

Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology

The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Writing up one’s teaching philosophy and portfolio is an exercise that calls for an in-depth and honest reflection on what we do, why we do it, and how we have tried to do it better. It brings together the teacher’s and learner’s perspectives, the current practice and the future aspirations, and pedagogies beyond our own discipline. In this sharing session, Dr So will take you through her experience of going through this intellectually stimulating, value-driven, and creative journey as she put together her teaching philosophy and portfolio for the UGC Teaching Award.


Dr WOO Kam Tim

Member of the Executive Committee of HKTEA

Academic Director of Undergraduate Core Education 

Associate Professor of Engineering Education at Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


This event is organized by HKTEA.