Preparing Teaching Philosophy and Teaching Portfolio for 2023 Application

Preparing Teaching Portfolio to the application of 2024 UGC Teaching Award

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About the session

Nominations for the 2024 UGC Teaching Awards are open. We take great pleasure to inform you that the Hong Kong Teaching Excellence Alliance (HKTEA) will hold an online professional development session Preparing Teaching Portfolio to the application of 2024 UGC Teaching Award to facilitate teachers to prepare for the submission.

Two awardees of the UGC Teaching Awards, Professor Gray KOCHHAR-LINDGREN, Professor & Director, Common Core (2014-22) at University of Hong Kong, and Professor Rhea Patricia LIEM, Associate Professor of Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of School of Engineering at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, have kindly agreed to give a sharing with us about their experiences in preparing the teaching philosophy, teaching portfolio and the nomination package for the UGC Teaching Awards. Professor KOCHHAR-LINDGREN and Professor LIEM will also share their experiences of serving as a member of the UGC Teaching Award Selection Panel and exchange their insights with the audience on how to better conduct a self-reflection on teaching. UGC representatives will also join the event to provide information about the 2024 UGC Teaching Awards.


Style, Evidence, and Performativity: The UGC Teaching Award Process from an Applicant’s and a Panelist’s Perspective


Recipient of 2019 UGC Teaching Award


Professor & Director, Common Core (2014-22)

University of Hong Kong

Speaker biography

Serving as Professor & Director of the Common Core at HKU from 2014-2022, Gray collaborated with all the Faculties to design interdisciplinary courses, connect to the UN’s SDGs, establish Transdisciplinary Minors, facilitate co-curricular projects, and create GLADE (Global Liberal Arts Design Experiments). In 2019, he was the team-lead for both the HKU and UGC Teaching Awards for Transdisciplinarity-in-Action, and, in 2020, served on the Evaluation Panel for the Awards. His most recent books areUrban Arabesques and Pintxos, and, as the founding Director of Wild Studios Consulting, he is currently facilitating Future Readiness: Imagining around the Corners and Becoming Elemental: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Presentation abstract

In this presentation, Professor Kochhar-Lindgren will highlight recommendations on constructing the UGC Teaching Award application from his perspective as both an applicant for the Team Award and as a Panelist on the Evaluation Committee. Be thinking about the qualities that, for you, keep your attention as a reader and as a viewer. What, for you, are the relations between text, image, and evidence? And, finally, how can you most powerfully convey the story of your signature teaching innovation? 

Just be Yourself: Teach What You Believe and Practice What You Teach

Professor Rhea Patricia LIEM

Recipient of 2021 UGC Teaching Award

(Early Career Faculty Members)

Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

School of Engineering

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Speaker biography

Rhea Liem is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). During her academic career at HKUST, she has been twice awarded the School of Engineering Teaching Excellence Appreciation Awards (in 2018 and 2021). She is also the 2021 UGC Teaching Awardee for the Early Career Faculty Members category. Her research and teaching are focused on aeronautical engineering and aerospace computation, particularly in aircraft design and air transportation. She is also a 2012 Amelia Earhart Fellow, which is awarded to women in aerospace research.

Presentation abstract

To answer the question “Why are we teaching?”, we first need to ask ourselves “What kind of people do we want our students to be? Is achieving academic excellence enough for them? How can we help them succeed in their future endeavors, whatever they may choose?” To me, apart from transferring knowledge to students, teaching is first and foremost a service. As a teacher, I strive to be an educator, compassionate leader, and partner to my students. In this talk, I will share my reflections and takeaways in engaging and connecting with students, and to help them explore their potentials.


Professor KONG Siu Cheung

Member of the Executive Committee of HKTEA

Professor, Department of Mathematics and Information Technology (MIT)

Director, Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology (LTTC)

The Education University of Hong Kong


This event is organized by HKTEA.