Date: 26 August 2020 (Wednesday)

Time: 5:00 – 6:15pm (HKT)

Venue: via ZOOM

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This event is co-organized by HKTEA and Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (celt), The University of Hong Kong

Awardee of 2019 – Teams

Team leader

Professor Gray Kochhar-Lindgren
Director, Common Core

Team members

Dr. Xiao Hu

Digital Education & User Interfaces. AoI Participant, China

Professor Gina Marchetti

Comparative Literature & Film Studies. AoI Convenor, Global Issues

Mr. Matthew Pryor

Landscape Architecture. AoI Convenor, Arts & Humanities

Professor Julian Tanner

Biomedical Sciences. AoI Convenor, Scientific and Technological Literacy

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Event Moderator: Dr. Cecilia Chan

Head of Professional Development/Associate Professor, CETL/Faculty of Education

Title: Transdisciplinarity-in-Action: Creating Interactive Learning Platforms and a Culture of Attraction in the Common Core@HKU

After a framing of Transdisciplinary Learning Platforms and Creating a Culture of Attraction in the Common Core@HKU, each of our speakers from different Areas of Inquiry will share brief examples of cross-faculty and cross-methodological projects, with a focus on design, difficulties, and best practices. We will wrap-up the session by engaging with all of the participants in a Q & A around clarifications, expansions, and possible innovations for the future.