Executive Committee

An Executive Committee (ExCom) will govern, plan and oversee the work of the HKTEA.

Terms of reference

  • To govern and manage the operation of the HKTEA.
  • To endorse the Chair and membership of ExCom for the following term.
  • To foster collaboration between Members of the HKTEA.
  • To plan, oversee and implement initiatives for the promotion of good teaching practices in the UGC sector and the wider community of the higher education sector, leveraging the diverse skills, professional knowledge and expertise of Members of the HKTEA.
  • To promote recognition for Members of the HKTEA.

Term of office

  • Members of ExCom will serve for three years*. Their term will be renewable. It will begin on the day of the UGC Teaching Award Presentation Ceremony and conclude at the Ceremony three years later.
  • Members of the current ExCom will endorse the membership of ExCom in the next term.

[*Note: The term of office of the first ExCom will be two years, as all of its members served on the Preparatory Committee of the HKTEA, which operated from February to October 2019 to prepare for the establishment of the HKTEA.]

Composition (2019-2021)

Professor Isabella Poon Wai Yin


Professor, Department of Statistics
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Professor Daniel Shek Tan Lei


Chair Professor;
Associate Vice President (Undergraduate Programme)
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Dr. Elaine Au Liu Suk Ching


Associate Head
Associate Professor, Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences
City University of Hong Kong

Dr. Jason Chan Kwan Kit


Assistant Professor of Science Education
Department of Chemistry
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Ms. Angel Fan Yim Hung


Project Officer
Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research
The Chinese University of Hong Kong